The Best Low-Impact Cardio Workouts For Bad Knees

Living with chronic knee pain can turn the simplest tasks into daunting challenges. The idea of exercising might feel like an uphill battle, but fear not! Discover effective low-impact cardio workouts tailored for bad knees in this comprehensive guide. Before diving into these knee-friendly exercises, it’s essential to consult a professional, especially if there’s an existing injury.

The Best Low Impact Cardio Workouts For Bad Knees

low-impact cardio for bad knees


Rowing is an excellent choice for low-impact cardio, especially for those with bad knees. It engages arms, legs, and core muscles, promoting stability and balance. Users can easily adjust resistance and tempo to suit their goals. By varying intensity, individuals keep workouts effective and engaging. Rowing’s fluid motion minimizes joint stress, making it ideal for knee concerns. Whether a seasoned rower or newcomer, it supports cardiovascular health while prioritizing knee well-being.


Swimming emerges as a top choice for those seeking low-impact cardio workouts tailored to accommodate bad knees. Its gentle nature minimizes joint stress, making it ideal for knee concerns. Engaging major muscle groups like arms, legs, and core, swimming offers a full-body workout. It promotes muscle toning and cardiovascular health without worsening knee discomfort. With fluid movements and buoyancy, swimming provides a soothing exercise experience. It allows individuals to maintain fitness routines while prioritizing knee health. Whether a beginner or seasoned swimmer, incorporating swimming into your regimen supports cardiovascular goals and safeguards against knee issues.


Cycling is renowned as a fundamental component of low-impact cardio, particularly for individuals grappling with knee issues. It provides an effective workout while being gentle on the joints. Whether indoors or outdoors, cycling burns fat and improves knee flexibility without strain. Its smooth motion caters to different fitness levels. Incorporating cycling promotes overall well-being, prioritizing knee health.


Pilates stands out as an exceptional choice for those with bad knees in search of low-impact cardio exercises. Despite being overlooked, it offers holistic fitness with joint comfort in mind. With controlled movements and gentle resistance, Pilates enhances joint mobility while reducing knee strain. It’s perfect for strengthening the cardiovascular system without worsening knee problems. Whether a beginner or experienced, Pilates supports knee health and fitness goals.

Elliptical Training

Choosing an elliptical trainer over a treadmill is a wise decision for those prioritizing knee health, especially individuals with concerns about bad knees. Unlike treadmills, known for their high-impact nature, ellipticals provide a low-impact cardio option that minimizes stress on the joints. This distinction is crucial for individuals with bad knees, as it reduces the likelihood of aggravating existing discomfort or injuries. By opting for low-impact cardio on an elliptical, individuals can engage in effective workouts while safeguarding the health of their knees.

Step Ups

Step ups provide a dynamic and engaging form of low-impact cardio, particularly beneficial for individuals with bad knees. Utilizing a step bench, this workout offers a unique blend of cardiovascular exercise and lower body strengthening.

By adjusting the height of the steps to ensure they are not too steep, participants can tailor the intensity to their comfort level while minimizing strain on their knees. This makes step ups an excellent choice for those seeking to elevate their fitness routine without exacerbating knee discomfort.

Incorporating step ups into your workout regimen can serve as a positive step towards improving overall cardiovascular health while being mindful of the needs of your knees.


Yoga, known for its gentle impact and focus on flexibility, suits those with bad knees. Gentle poses and controlled movements enhance overall well-being without straining joints. It’s a mindful path to improve both physical and mental health.

Strength Training

Incorporating strength training is crucial for holistic knee health management. Unlike high-impact exercises, it’s low-impact and supports bad knees. Targeting specific muscle groups without stressing joints, it builds essential knee support and overall body strength. Engaging in these exercises enhances stability, reducing injury risk.

Focusing on quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles fortifies surrounding structures. This proactive approach alleviates discomfort and prevents future issues. Strength training improves joint function and mobility, crucial for managing bad knees. Enhanced muscle tone and flexibility promote better range of motion and reduce stiffness. This mobility supports an active lifestyle and prevents further complications. Additionally, it supports proper biomechanics and alignment, distributing forces evenly. This balanced fitness approach benefits knee health and overall well-being.


As we conclude our exploration of low-impact cardio exercises tailored for bad knees, it’s evident that exercising with knee issues is not just possible—it’s beneficial for overall health. The variety of options, from rowing to yoga, allows individuals to choose activities that suit their preferences and comfort levels.

Common Questions About Cardio for Bad Knees

What’s the Best Cardio for Bad Knees?

The best cardio for bad knees involves exercises that are gentle on the joints while providing an effective cardiovascular workout. Swimming, rowing, and cycling, especially on an elliptical, stand out as excellent options. These activities minimize impact, making them ideal for individuals with knee concerns.

What Is the Best Low-Impact Cardio Machine for Bad Knees?

When it comes to machines, the elliptical takes the crown for being a low-impact cardio machine that is kind to the knees. Its smooth gliding motion reduces stress on the joints, making it a go-to choice for those looking to prioritize knee health during their workouts.

What Cardio Exercises Are Good for Arthritic Knees?

Arthritic knees require special attention, and low-impact exercises are particularly beneficial. Swimming, with its buoyancy, eases the pressure on arthritic joints. Additionally, cycling and rowing provide cardiovascular benefits without subjecting the knees to excessive stress, making them suitable for individuals with arthritis.

What Cardio Machines Are Safe for Knees?

Choosing safe cardio machines for your knees involves opting for those that minimize impact. Ellipticals, stationary bikes, and rowing machines are generally considered safe, as they provide effective workouts while being gentle on the knee joints.

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